Change your air filter in time

This i why you service your car in time..

Take a look at this airfilter in my Giulietta 2011 2,0 JDTM 140 bhp – it’s within the interval and has done 69.500 km.. I wonder if I can feel any difference.

Next time I think I’ll go for 50.000 like our BMW 5-series

Ait filter Giulietta JDTM old vs. new


  1. T30 torx and preferable a powertool – there are (too) many bolts..
  2. 7 mm socket for the filter housing
  3. A vacuum cleaner to clean out leaves, birds and candy paper (won’t come back for like 2-4 years / 50-70.000 km)
  4. Ramps or other lifting devices


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