Nordnet offers loan at 0,99 % interest

If you’re thinking about gearing your portofolio of stocks or ETF’s Nordnet has tuned their interest from about 6 % to 0,99 % p.a. in both Denmark and Sweden. Nordnet calls it Knock Out Loan.

If you’re looking for larger gearing (more then 40 %) the interest would probably end up at 2,49 % in Sweden and 1,99 % in Denmark.

The interesting part is that you at the moment can get 1,3 % in interest on you your deposit in for instance Santander Bank or 1,1 % at Hoist Spar… Arbitrage is the way to go!

As far as I read the feeds from Nordnet they expect to keep the interest for about 6 months depending on the marked.

It you’re already a customer you would expect the approval to take about a week. Mine took around 3 working days.

With that arranged you should consider joining Shareville to monitor (and copy?) the best investors.

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