Must have tools for your GT Bertone

Thinking about buying an old car! These tools you will for sure need to get a hold on.

Carbtune Pro – perfect tool to verify the vacuum in your carburators. The tool does also handle double carburetor systems as for instance my GT Veloce 2000. The same for the 1750 Veloce and the Juniors 1300 / 1600. It’ll work perfect on the Webers or the Dellortos DHLA40 and DHLA40E. Good instructions and simpel to fit and adjust. It took me about an hour I think, next time I’ll do it in 20 min.

Carbtone in use on the GTV 2000

Carbtune Pro in use on my GTV 2000 Bertone

Gunson gastester – simple tool to measure the CO value. Quite “plastic” in quality but it does the job. Please note that it can only measure up to 6,5 % co and intervals of 0,5 %. The instructions / manuel includes quite good tips on how to get a lower value / debug in case you can’t get the value below legislation. I measures from 0 to 6,5 CO % and the error margin is 0,5 %. I tested it twice with a week; first measurement showed 2,6 and 2nd 2,4-2,5. The MOT test showed 2,3 % and that’s proof equipment. Conclusion; accurate value and absolutely approved

Gunson 4125 tool

GTV2000 – CO adjustment

At my first MOT I scored 8,1 % CO – quite high! This was before I had the Gunson so I don’t know how I would react. Anyway; I adjusted the engine without the Gunson tool. Still I managed to get all the way down to 2,3 % CO. Interesting if the score is the same six months from now.

Ignition timing and fuel pressure hasn’t been verified yet but I expect the ignition to be partly worn out a high revs.

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